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Wire Transfers - Valex Federal Credit Union

Outgoing Wires 

VALEX Federal Credit Union can wire funds to financial institutions capable of receiving wire transfers. Members simply need to provide us with the receiving institution's wiring instructions. To ensure the outgoing wire is completed accurately, please contact the receiving financial institution and obtain required information necessary before requesting the wire transfer.

Incoming Wires

VALEX Federal Credit Union can receive funds from other financial institutions.

Western Union Wires

VALEX Federal Credit Union is able to process Western Union “quick cash” requests. Please note we are unable to process “quick collect” requests.  See Fee Schedule for any applicable fees.

Wire Instructions

Intermediary Financial Institution:
Catalyst Corporate Federal Credit Union
Routing Number: 311.990.511

Beneficiary Financial Institution:
Valex Federal Credit Union
Account Number: 265.273.164

[Member’s Name]
[Member’s Account Number]


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