At VALEX Federal Credit Union we don't have customers we have members.  If you join the credit union, you become a part owner in our financial institution. Our ability to provide you with exceptional personal service truly sets us apart from the rest.

The benefits of credit union membership are:

  • Your initial $25 deposit entitles you to ownership of the credit union
  • Credit union earnings are returned to you in the form of higher dividends, lower loan rates, and low or no service fees.
  • Once a member always a member.

Our Mission

Provide lifelong, trusted relationships and the best services available to ensure our members reach their financial goals.

Board of Directors

George Allen - Board Chair
Martin Borland - Vice Chair
Deron Thaxton - Treasurer
Laura Cearley - Recorder
Portia McDaniel
Booker Booze
Dennis Vicnair


Chris Chelette - President & CEO ext 108
Katina Washington - Member Services Supervisor - VA Branch ext 102
Courtney Breaux - Member Services - VA Branch ext 101

Rebecca Kinder - Branch Manager & Marketing - Main Street ext 305
Annalee Kirkland - Member Services - Main Street Branch ext 302
Mary Johnson - Member Services & Marketing - Main Street Branch ext 304

Lindsey Bertrand - Branch Manager-Jackson Street Branch ext 405
Sara Sterritt - Loan Officer- Jackson Street Branch ext 404
Stefanie Paul - Member Services - Jackson Street Branch ext 402

Our History

Twelve charter members on March 22, 1949 prepared and signed the Organization Certificate that created Valex Federal Credit Union. The Director of Federal Credit Unions approved it on April 6, 1949, assigned was Charter number 6116.

Today, the credit union is governed by a seven member Board of Directors and a Supervisory Committee. The day-to-day operations are handled by the President/CEO and there are currently 10 full-time employees with three locations to serve our members.

Field of Membership

  1. Employees of the Veterans Administration Hospital who work in Alexandria, Louisiana; 
  2. Employees of the U.S. Government who work within a I-mile radius of the Veterans Hospital in Alexandria, Louisiana, except employees of the Department of Agriculture; 
  3. Employees and members of The Pentecostals of Alexandria located in Alexandria, LA;
  4. Employees of Allen's Nursery who work in or are paid from Colfax, LA;
  5. Members of record of Continental Federal Credit Union #07041 as of February 28, 2018; 
  6. Employees of the Continental Southern Lines, Inc., who work in or are under the direct supervision of the Alexandria, Louisiana General Office;
  7. Employees of the Continental Crescent Lines, Inc., and Continental Tennessee Lines, Inc., who work in the States of Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, and Tennessee; 
  8. Employees of the Transcontinental Bus Terminal Company, Inc., who work in Alexandria or Shreveport, Louisiana; 
  9. Employees of the Trailways Bus Depot of Nashville, Inc., who work in Alexandria, Louisiana or Nashville, Tennessee; 
  10. Employees of the Bayshore Bus Lines, Inc., who work in or have headquarters in Baytown, Texas; 
  11. Employees of Continental Trailways Bus Terminal of Atlanta, Georgia who work in Atlanta, Georgia;
  12. Employees of commissioned agents of Southern Greyhound Lines Company who work at the terminals at Alexandria, Shreveport or Monroe, Louisiana or Jackson, Mississippi; 
  13. Employees of The Town of Ball, Louisiana; 
  14. Employees of The Office of the Clerk of Court who work in Vernon Parish, Louisiana; employees of Greyhound/Trailways of Bossier who work in Bossier City, Louisiana; 
  15. Employees of Vernon Parish Sheriff Department who work in Leesville, Louisiana; employees of Jackson Enterprises who work in Colfax, Louisiana;) 
  16. Employees of the Greyhound/Trailways Terminal who work in Baton Rouge, Louisiana; 
  17. Employees of the Greyhound/Trailways Terminal who work in Lake Charles, Louisiana; 
  18. Employees of Elma's Nursery School who work in Pineville, Louisiana; 
  19. Employees of Bayou Rapides Hospital who work in Alexandria, Louisiana; 
  20. Employees of Brian Clinic and Robert Lewis Contractors who work in Alexandria, Louisiana; employees of Golden Age Nursing Home who work in Jena, Louisiana; 
  21. Employees of Annrich Inc. who work in or are paid or supervised from Alexandria, LA