At VALEX Federal Credit Union we don't have customers we have members.  If you join the credit union, you become a part owner in our financial institution. Our ability to provide you with exceptional personal service truly sets us apart from the rest.

The benefits of credit union membership are:

  • Your initial $25 deposit entitles you to ownership of the credit union
  • Credit union earnings are returned to you in the form of higher dividends, lower loan rates, and low or no service fees.
  • Once a member always a member.

Our Mission

The Mission of this Credit Union shall be to provide its membership an effective financial alternative.

Further, the Mission shall be . . .

  • To provide any and all services to its members in an efficient, yet congenial manner;
  • To encourage thrift, promote economic stability and ever be mindful of the obligation of trust and responsibility given those within the field of membership;
  • To maintain a personal and confidential relationship with its members while using the latest available technology to provide more and better services;
  • To strive to offer the lowest feasible rates on loans yet the highest rate of return on savings, while maintaining sound business practices.
  • Above all, this Credit Union shall always be willing to operate with and open mind, ever watchful for new and innovative ideas while at the same time keeping sight of the basics of the credit union philosophy.

Board of Directors

Jan Howard Thompson – Chair
George Allen – Vice Chair
William “Rick” Taylor – Treasurer
James Gott – Recorder
Martin Borland - Member
Laura Cearley - Member


Chris Chelette – President/CEO
Ashley Neal – Assistant Manager/Accountant
Linda Fisher – Frontline Supervisor/MSR
Amanda Kelly – Loan Officer
Kristian Little – MSR/Frontline
Katina Washington – MSR/Frontline

Our History

Twelve charter members on March 22, 1949 prepared and signed the Organization Certificate that created Valex Federal Credit Union. The Director of Federal Credit Unions approved it on April 6, 1949, assigned was Charter number 6116.

Today the credit union is governed by a seven member Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee.  The day-to-day operations are taken care of by the CEO and the five other full time employees to serve our members.